Transport & Motorsport Memorablilia
Driver John is a trading name of Gulfhaven Ltd, Suite 20, 116 Commercial Road, SWINDON, SN1 5BD. Registered company number 3919512
We keep a small selection of items in cabinet C15 on the ground floor of Cirencester Antiques Centre. Find us in the marketplace just a few steps from the famous church.
We have been buying and selling transport and motor sport related items for nearly 30 years.
Anything to do with cars, motor sport, trucks, buses, planes, trains or ships or even horse-drawn. If it moves and has a wheel or two then we love it, and as transport also need maps we love those too. We also like retro advertising signs.
Events: Check our MotorsportMania blog for details of events that we are attending through the year.

Call us on +44 (0)751 60 40 737 or email